Commission Process

Listening, Planning, Analysis, + Extraordinary Service

I practice a comprehensive approach to every commission. Each project has an element of collaboration. Whether it is painting a set of abstracts for a law firm’s lobby or creating a personal piece for over the family room fireplace, clients’ needs are always my priority.

During the initial consultation, placement for the art is determined. Accurate measurements of the space are taken to guarantee a proportionate fit. Then an assessment of the overall space is conducted. I take my clients’ style and aesthetic preferences, as well as functionality, color, and layout of the space, and sources of light and furnishings within the space into consideration.

Once all of the information has been gathered, I create art to my clients’ specifications, but leaving plenty of room for pleasant surprises. And when the art is done, together we find the right frame and make sure the art is hung perfectly in order to enjoy it for years to come.

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