Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Olivia, pastel

“Olivia’s portrait is complete!…I keep looking at it. I’m really moved by the way Jane so perfectly captured Liv’s spirit in her work. I’ve been moved to tears several times today knowing that my memories of my precious girl are forever captured at this age. The softness of her cheeks, the slight wave of her hair, the way she carries her body with force, the twinkle in her bright blue eyes…it’s perfection. I can’t wait to hang it in our home right next to Claire’s portrait. Aside from my wedding ring, these are my most prized possessions. Not only is Jane an exceptional artist, she is a tremendous woman. Such a pleasure to work with her again. ”
– Jennifer & James Davenport, Seattle, fine art clients



Joey, Acrylic, 36 x 48 inches

“We commissioned the AMAZING Jane Nicolo to do a portrait of our beloved Joey. We could not be happier with how he turned out. He is perfect. So fucking beautiful and perfect. Jane absolutely captured his sweet little soul and I just well up with joy, nostalgia, sadness, and love all at once looking into his eyes again. Jane was a delight to work with and I’m so grateful that she took on this challenge for us. Look at the detail! And please reach out to Jane to discuss a project. She does incredible HUMAN portraits, too.”
– Sarah & Heather, Forest Lake, MN